The wedding site

Orna & Shachar

This site was brought up to give a place for expressing thoughts and emotions regarding my wedding with Orna. As life would have it, the actual marriage did not last as long as this site, but you can still have a look at the original site.

Orit & Michael

A lot less web oriented than we were, Michael and Orit didn't want the use of the domain name for their wedding. Their feeble attempts to escape the prying eyes of the internet public, however, were thwarted by the wedding gift we made them.

If you would like to see the effort made for Orit and Michael's wedding, you can find it here.

Sarit & Yaki

Still filling in some of the material that can and should go under this one, you can already see the present we made them.

Na'ama & Barak

That was a suprise. Wedding date wise, this should have been above Sarit & Yaki. Of course, they did not tell us about it until AFTER they were already married for three months. Oh well. We did manage to pull something together, but it's not online yet.

Sigi & Aharon

Enough pictures! Everyone was getting tired of it. We did a non-computarized present this time. Everyone drew (yes, with brushes) small pictures on cups.

I don't have pictures of that, yet. Talk to them and tell them to send me pictures, and I'll post them.


Life being the funny thing it is, more people are expected to get married at one time or the other. Remaining true to the our pride in things we do, and to provide friends the ability to express their thoughts and emotions, other people's sites may come here in the future. Stay tuned....

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