Who is Orna (as written by Shachar)

Orna is a friend. Try finding that in a mate. She is someone I can come to when I am troubled, and tell her about my troubles.

I do know that she loves me, and has been travelling 200 Kilometer each day for the past two months, so that we can be together.

She is good at a lot of things, one of which, though you'll never be able to get her to admit it, is cooking. She used to be a (semi) proffesional swimmer, only with her MA studies and her work, that aspect doesn't get as much attention as it could.

Oh, yes, she is doing her MA at the Technion, studying applied mathematics. Yes, I know, I didn't think such a thing existed, but the Technion's got it in its sylabus, look here.

I think the most important thing is that I love her, and, hey, I got her first. Can't blame me for wanting to marry her.