Who is Shachar (as written by Orna)

Shachar is a big care bear.

To you he may appear as a programmer in G.Tek, doing all those things about operating systems and smart installation. Or you might know him as that smart ass from the Thechnion (computer sciences) who asks the teacher questions which embarrass him. That's simple.

Ask his friends what kind of person he is, and they'll say he's not a person at all: he's an S&T (which stands for Sun and Tiny).

ask his brothers, and they will call him a teacher, a physisist, a magician, a great chess player.

Ask my sisters and they'll say he is great for hugging and playing.

Shachar had three wishes: a car, BLT (bacon, lattis ,tomato) and true love. what a shame, we nearly got him BLT while in cyprus.

He is my best friend. It's great to know that you have a shachar who will always be there for you. The best friend on earth can make you feel better when you are down, and it is true when he says that he just wants you to be happy.

Of course i am priviliged. Not everyone may have their own shachar.